Subject IB_Currency read Fr changes, Important
Author mmenaz
Hi, in the last release, Fr, Jason ha included my last version of
IB_Currency, that change some properties. Unfortunatly, he did not
include some warnings in the ReleaseNote (SIGH!) that you MUST be
aware of (taken form the IBC_Currency.INT):

- changed RoundDecimalPos default and interpretation as 'round to the
number of decimals taken from DisplayFormat' from -9 to -99, to
conflicts if you really want to round to -9 position. Change your
program code replacing -9 with -99.

- RoundMode default value is now crmNearBool, the equivalent of
standard delphi Round() function (it was crmNearUp). If you use
crmNearUp (like me) you have to set it manually for the new
components you create.
The change will reduce code bugs since Delphi and IB_Currency now
then same default behaviour.

Marco Menardi