Subject Get server default at connection level for domains
Author mmenaz
I use to set "getserverdefault" to true to all my IB_Query, and I think this is a GREAT feature IBO provides for a lot of reasons.
But, as long as I've understood, IBO correctly gets the default values for the columns at each prepare of the query.
Since, and I think many of us are doing so, I've domains defined for every kind of field of my database, it would be very performance friendly (and appropriate) have the defaults for the domains fetched at connection level (if FieldEntryTypes.fetDomainName is true, or depending upon one more property). This way, if I know that the dataset will not have columns with default set at column level, I can turn the GetServerDefault to false, with performance and network traffic benefits.
Too simple to ask, but what about implementation? ;)
What do you think about that? Will not it be one more selling point against the (poor) VCL/TDataset stuff?
Marco Menardi