Subject RE: [IBO] TIB_DatasetBar Bug ?
Author Norman Dunbar
Hi Nico,

been there, had the problem and even built an app to send to Jason to
investigate. Jason beat me to it - when a search has been done, and you
close the dataset, it goes into search mode again, and not closed. However,
it is closed - you only notice when using colour schemes (as I did) because
it stays cyan, rather that turning black for closed.

I'm assured that this is correct by Jason.



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Subject: [IBO] TIB_DatasetBar Bug ?


I have something strange, I will try to explain. I have a
TIB_DatasetBar1 and a TIB_SearchBar on a form. When I don't use the search
mode, I can close the dataset by pressing the appropriate button. When I
push the searchbutton on the the TIB_SearchBar, the dataset goes into search
mode. When I finish the search mode and then push the close dataset
button, instead the dataset closes, it goes again into search mode.

I hope it's understandable :-)

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