Subject TIB_Connection Losing Connection. PLEASE HELP
Author Infocare Developer
We have an Asta Server, this server sets up X amount of sessions to the
Database, lets say 10 for example.

For some misterious reason interbase/firebird will sometimes disconnect due
to some kind of network problem and IBO will lose it's connection to the
database. Now after this has happened the TIB_Connection keeps raising the
same connection i don't have the exact text but i am sure everyone here is
fermiliar with the kind of exception, something like "the connection was
forcibly closed" or something else,

The problem is that Even if I capture this exception i cannot reconnect the
TIB_Connection, the TIB_Connection's connected property stays true even
though it's not!!

The only way to see is to call something like

Now that raises an Exception, I catch the Exception and then try to
explicitly call TIB_Connection.Connected := False;
and then TIB_Connection.Connected := True;
(Effectively a Reconnect)

But then another exception is raised because it is not connected to the DB,
you can't even free the object cause it raises an exception again.

Why does the component not handle this automatically?
why can it not automatically verify it's connection and try to reestablish?

Because when this happens, all the clients must disconnect and the server
must be restarted,