Subject Explanations on Combos in grids
Author Ryan Nilsson-Harding
Hi there,

I have a grid displaying a joined query.
For one of the fields (STOCK), I use a lookUpCombo in the grid for
the user to use. (As I want to store the key, but want user to see

When I add a new record and step onto another grid line, the new
record is shown (Ie., other fields other than STOCK), but the combo
is blank. When I close & open the dataset, all is there and visible.

I have figured that doing a refresh in the OnAfterPost event
prevents me from having to close/open the query.

I would like to understand this better, so my question is why does
it need a refresh? The other columns are fine, and displayed without
an explicit refresh, but not the column with the combo. Once
refreshed, all is OK.