Subject Methods associated with TNavigationBar and TUpdateBar's buttons
Author Armando Novello

Some beginner's questions :

The methods associated with each TNavigationBar's buttons are the following
- 'nbFirst' : TIB_Dataset->BufferFirst()
- 'nbLas' : TIB_Dataset->BufferLast()
- 'nbNext' : TIB_Dataset->BufferNext()
- 'nbPrior' : TIB_Dataset->BufferPrior()
- 'nbJumpBck': ?
- 'nbJumpFwd': ?

The methods associated with each TUpdateBar's buttons are the following ?
- 'ubEdit' : TIB_Dataset->Edit()
- 'ubInsert': TIB_Dataset->Insert()
- 'ubDelete': TIB_Dataset->Delete()
- 'ubPost': TIB_Dataset->Post()
- 'ubCancel': TIB_Dataset->Cancel()

I can to implement my TUpdateBar (and TNavigationBar) using TSpedButtons
associated with the method listed above ?

How to catch the exceptions throwing by the database server when I working
with TUpdateBar (for example when insert a row with the same unique code) ?


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