Subject Incremental searching IB_Grid and ReadOnly False
Author Marco Menardi
Hi, I've tried to use the incremental capabilities of IB_Grid, and after setting to True AllowIncSearch, AllowTimeout, SearchKeyByKey, SeekNearest and ReadOnly it works.
But I would need to use this in a grid with some fields editable, like (not my real situation, just an example):
Table customers
Field COMPANY set as read only
Field CITY as read only
Field QUANTITY editable
So I can order and search with COMPANY and CITY, and then enter the QUANTITY in the customer I want. But if I set the IB_Grid ReadOnly to false, I can't perform the search in the read only fields...
Any suggestions (using only the grid)?
Does IB_Grid need to be improved on this regard?
I also find that search timeout is too long.. how can I set a shorter time?
Marco Menardi