Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Script: connect syntax
Author Heri

So, finally I've installed Version 4.2.I.

But the problem stays the same. The parser searches for the keywords
DATABASE or THEME after the keyword CONNECT. If it doesn't find it, an
exception is raised (which is caught by the method which invokes the
parsing). In spite of the exception, the path token in the statement is
correctly recognized and later assigned to the (auto) IB_Connection, so the
next statement of the script executes after an automatic connect through the
IB_Connection has happened.

I consider this a bug. The parsing routines are too complex to find a quick
solution proposal.

BTW: The way how the parsing is implemented is not optimal (in my opinion):
1. It is based on Delphi strings instead of PChars which would be very much
2. Comments are not stripped away at the beginning of parsing. So a comment
is parsed more than one time (in the case of the connect statment three or
four times!). If there is a big comment (like it is often used in script
headers), this is a serious performance issue.


> At 12:35 PM 13-10-02 +0200, you wrote:
> >Hi all
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> >IBO: 4.2.Ga
> Oh, and this version of IBO won't work properly for inserting rows with
> release build of Firebird 1. Read the note on the IBO downloads page and
> get hold of version 4.2Gb or higher.
> Helen