Subject TIB_Script: connect syntax
Author Heri
Hi all

IBO: 4.2.Ga
D5 Pro
Win 98 SE
FB 1.0

I tried connecting to a DB by a script using TIB_Script.

The correct connect syntax does not work ('connect "<dbpath>" user "SYSDBA"
password "masterkey";').

In Procedure TIB_Statement.SysExecuteImmediate, the call to
SetConnectionProperties does not recognize the statement as valid connect
statement. I found out that the parser expects a 'database' or 'theme' after
the 'connect'. If I add this keyword then it works fine. But this is not
according to the correct syntax (at least Interbase 5.0, for IB 6.x I have
no documentation).
Running the script in ISQL I have to omit the 'database' in order to

Is this a bug or by design?

Heri Bender