Subject Confused by inheriting...
Author Dany Marmur

I'm new to both Pascal, VCL and IBO so please bear with me or simply igonre
the question if it's too stupid. I hope it's not all too confused, either.

I'm trying to roll my own kind of data-aware combo-box.

It should act like a combination of an edit control and lookup combo with a
chunk of the lookup features stripped off, changed and som added. I'll spare
you the details.

1. What's the point of creating a new component from TIB_CustomCombo rather
than TIB_LookupCombo? If I go TIB_CustomCombo will I be able to do more than
with TIB_LookupCombo. I'd have to copy the "publishing" stuff anyway, won't

2. If I create a new component from TIB_CustomCombo, how can i replace the
base class TCustomEdit for TCustomMaskEdit? I propably can't. And if i
create a new component from TCutstomMaskEdit then I won't be able to use
TIB_CustomGrid since that class references TIB_CustomCombo. I have also
noticed that when I create a new component from TCustomMaskEdit and try to
make it data-aware (ignoring the problem above) I get compiler errors in
other files with IFDEFS on TIB_CustomCombo (IB_Control.INT and others) where
properties, events and such things are declared (should maybe read
implemented, well...). So even if I (for example) copy and rename the
TIB_LookupComboLink to replace the references to it from my combo and the
references to TIB_CustomCombo it won't work because things are "kicked-in"
with defines.

So am I correct in concluding that it's impossible to do other things than
advanced tweaking without changes in the IBO source code?

Am I correct in my assumption that the easiest way for me would be to alter
the source code in IB_Grid, replacing the bas class of TIB_CustomCombo with
TCustomMaskEdit and inherit (create a new component) from TIB_CustomCombo?
Or should I inherit from TCustomMaskEdit and "fool" the includes that I'm
compiling a TIB_LookupCombo by defining TIB_LookupCombo?

Thanks a lot!