Subject Re: [IBO] Help08. Grid background Colour doesn't change.
Author Raymond Kennington
Jason Wharton wrote:
> You didn't say you clicked on the Cancel button. The only action you
> mentioned was pressing the ESC key. Which action should not have taken it
> out of edit mode.

Sorry. I don't know how to cancel the edit without clicking on the Cancel button; perhaps
Esc does it too.

Here's the sequence, now with consequences in parentheses on the same line:

Press the Edit button. (places into Edit mode)
Insert a character into the field. (Background turns yellow, change has occurred)
Esc (change to the field cancelled, still in edit mode)
Click on the Cancel button (Cancel the edit, Background stays yellow)

Is this a bug or am I misunderstanding something?
Raymond Kennington
Programming Solutions
W2W Team B