Subject Re: [IBO] NT Service and TIB_Connection.
Author Jason Wharton
Just like with an ISAPI application, you cannot use the local protocol.
Change to TCP/IP and it should be fine.

Jason Wharton
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Sent: Tuesday, October 15, 2002 1:12 AM
Subject: [IBO] NT Service and TIB_Connection.

> I am writing NT service (win2000). I use this code in my service:
> Var
> Ib:TIB_Connection;
> Begin
> Ib:=TIB_Connection.Create(nil);
> Ib.Path:='C:\aaa.gdb';
> Ib.Username:='SYSDBA';
> Ib.Password:='masterkey';
> Ib.Connected:=True;
> End;
> When I run my service, I get an exception: "Database unavailable".
> Then I try put this code to simple (empty) application only with
> TButton. TIB_connection works correctly in this application.
> What I do wrong ?