Subject errors with TIB_LookupCombo
Author Ryan Nilsson-Harding

I posted this question on the 4th of Oct. regarding some errors with
the IB_LookupCombo.

Jason requested a small app which replicates the problem, which I
created and emailed to him.

Was just wondering if it was received and any ideas have come out of
it? (this question is obviously directed to Jason)

My problem (I'll explain it anyway, incase someone else knows/has
had same prob) was that nearly all items in the combo worked fine
(ie, seek nearest narrowed down the item as it was typed in)
but with a couple of items, it would display correctly in the combo
as you typed, but when tabbed out, the combo box would revert to the
item above in the list.

For the item '7812', if 781 was typed in, the combo correctly
displayed 7812, and maintained that when tabbed out of. But if the
whole 7812 was typed in, it would be visible in the combo UNTIL
tabbed out of, at which point the combo changes the item in the
combo to the item above. (in this case 78-284)

Any ideas, anyone?