Subject Re: [IBO] KeyLinksAutoDefine supplied an invalid KeyLinks entry
Author Raymond Kennington
Helen Borrie wrote:
> At 05:07 PM 15-10-02 +0930, you wrote:
> >The KeyLinks entry automatically provided is:
> >
> > "Animal Vendor".RDB$DB_KEY
> >
> >How to make the KeyLinksAutoDefine provide the correct key?
> >
> >The correct primary key is:
> >
> > "Animal Vendor"."Vendor ID"
> >
> >which is also considered invalid.
> Actually define a PRIMARY KEY constraint for the
> table. KeyLinksAutoDefine needs a primary key upon which to define
> KeyLinks (surprise, surprise). Without a PK, DB_KEY is all it has to work
> with (and it's quite valid, but within the context of the transaction only.)
> ALTER TABLE "Animal Vendor"
> Do this with exclusive access and remember to COMMIT it.
> If you want to continue life without primary key constraints, then be
> prepared to manually define all of your KeyLinks.
> btw, if you don't want to get DB_KEY returned in your output sets, don't do
> SELECT * queries.

The table already has a primary key: "Animal Vendor ID".
The SELECT statement specifies explicitly:
"Animal Vendor ID"

So what else could cause the problem?
Raymond Kennington
Programming Solutions
W2W Team B