Subject Re: [IBO] KeyLinksAutoDefine supplied an invalid KeyLinks entry
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:07 PM 15-10-02 +0930, you wrote:
>The KeyLinks entry automatically provided is:
> "Animal Vendor".RDB$DB_KEY
>How to make the KeyLinksAutoDefine provide the correct key?
>The correct primary key is:
> "Animal Vendor"."Vendor ID"
>which is also considered invalid.

Actually define a PRIMARY KEY constraint for the
table. KeyLinksAutoDefine needs a primary key upon which to define
KeyLinks (surprise, surprise). Without a PK, DB_KEY is all it has to work
with (and it's quite valid, but within the context of the transaction only.)

ALTER TABLE "Animal Vendor"

Do this with exclusive access and remember to COMMIT it.

If you want to continue life without primary key constraints, then be
prepared to manually define all of your KeyLinks.

btw, if you don't want to get DB_KEY returned in your output sets, don't do
SELECT * queries.