Subject Re: [IBO] Connection Pooling
Author Daniel Rail
At 14/10/2002 02:11 PM, you wrote:
>As I remember the previous discussion ended with Jason indicating
>that some handle tidying up was required, but I don't think any
>detail arose on this - and I couldn't find anything abvious.
>Have you used Pooling in anger and does it work just as you set out
>below without any resource loss problems etc?

I haven't used it personally, but looking at the code, for TIB_Connection,
seems to indicate that there should be no resource leak upon closing the
application. After reading the code, the connection pool is destroyed in
the finalization of the IB_Components.pas unit, with the procedure
ClearConnectionPool, which destroys the connection pool and assigns nil to
it. If there is a definite resource leak here, then I do agree that it
should be investigated further.

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