Subject Re: [IBO] Re: GSG049. Working the Ropes: Request Live
Author Raymond Kennington
Marco Menardi wrote:
> --- In IBObjects@y..., Raymond Kennington <progsol@c...> wrote:
> > What's the use of RequestLive if one doesn't need to set it to True in order to be able to
> > update and insert records?
> Who told you that? If you don't set it to true, your dataset is not editable, even if it's a simple "select * from employers".
> You HAVE to set it to True in order to make it editable (and make IBO automatically build the necessary SQL commands for you).
> (but I've not tested with RequestLive to False and an hand-made EditSQL property statement...)
> regards

According the GSG in "Working the Ropes" in the last paragraph in the section "Live

"Although no update SQL strings were added to the qryBook dataset that's feeding these
controls, the update bar is telling us that the application is ready to accept editing
..., insertion, ... . The RequestLive Property for the dataset is set to the default False
value and yet, here we see a dataset that is "ready-to-go" without a single line of
handler code."

In the GSG in "Editing" in the section 'Understanding "Live" Datasets', 3rd paragraph:

'One table underlying a joined dataset ca be made "live" by setting its name in the
KeyRelation Property'.

This is also followed by:

'If you need more than one table in a joined set to be updatable, use the dataset's
UpdateSQL properties (InsertSQL, EditSQL, ...) to call stored procedures to effect this

When the UpdateSQL properties are set, the dataset will be live. There is no need to set
RequestLive to True in these cases, as IBO will do it internally.

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