Subject RE: [IBO] Problems with 4.2.I release?
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:22 AM 14-10-02 +0200, Thomas Steinmaurer wrote:
>I am (was) in the same situation with people using my IBOTST
>Extension Package with IBO 4.2.I and Delphi 6.
>For example, I have some IBO packages (IBO40CRT, ...)
>in the required section of *my* delphi packages.
>One compiles now IBO 4.2.I under Delphi 6, AFAIK the
>compiled packages are called IBO40CRT_D6, ...

Yes, I recall, back at the time D6 introduced this implicit building
feature, asking Jason what would happen to our packages when the
"latest-greatest" changed to being D7. It certainly looks like something
we have to address, e.g. making alternative bpg files available for use
with non-current versions of Delphi. It seems like a crock to me, an
ill-advised "enhancement" virtually guaranteed to break third-party packages.