Subject Problems with 4.2.I release?
Author Geoff Worboys
Hello Jason and/or Helen,

Is there a problem with the current 4.2.I release?

Specifically relating to Delphi6 and Delphi7. It seems that some
of the packages have lost their {$IFDEF}s resulting in a partial
configuration for specifically Delphi7.

Paul Hope tried to question this a week ago but received no

Note: When you use {$IFDEF} statements inside package files (dpr,
dpk etc) as is happening with IBO now, those conditions will be lost
with the next automatic update of the package by Delphi. That is;

When Delphi reads the package it obeys the {$IFDEF VERxxx}
conditions - in this case resulting in {$LIBSUFFIX '_D7'} being
applied. When the package is saved the dpr/dpk is rewritten
according to the configuration details - but without saving any
previous {$IFDEF}s. Resulting in a package configured specifically
for whatever version of Delphi you are using.

I was hoping to download 4.2.I and confirm which packages have
been "corrupted" in this way, but cannot seem to get through at
the moment.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing