Subject TIB_Script: Working with Macros
Author Heri
Hi all

IBO: 4.2.Ga
D5 Pro
Win 98 SE
FB 1.0

I tried using the MacroXXX properties of TIB_Script but had no success: Just
assigning a value to this both properties does not trigger the callback

If I step through the code I can see in TIB_Statement.SysExecuteImmediate
the first if statement which deals with macros. Since the FOnMacroSubstitute
is assigned it enters the if statement, but the MacroXXX valus which are
passed as parameters to the call IB_Parse.SubstMacros are not correct (=
default values of IB_Connection instead of the values which I have assigned
to the script component).

What I am doing wrong?

Heri Bender