Subject Re: [IBO] Re: GSG034. KeyRelation
Author Raymond Kennington
Marco Menardi wrote:
> --- In IBObjects@y..., Raymond Kennington <raymondk@c...> wrote:
> > Is the -relation- to be placed in the KeyRelation box the name of a table in the database?
> See my reply to:
> Re: GSG031. Use of EditSQL, InsertSQL, DeleteSQL.
> Yes, you have to provide the table name that you target for insert/delete/update (the "main" table, if joins are just for lookups)
> Marco Menardi


To Jason:

Then in "The KeyRelation box" I suggest using the word 'table' rather than 'relation' in
the sentence:

"Specify the name of the relation which the insert or delete action applies to."

Raymond Kennington
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