Subject Re: [IBO] Application Freezing
Author Helton de Oliveira
> In my case, the "freezing" wasn't actually freezing, but just that it was
> taking a long time to gather the data from the database. Since there was
> no indication that it was "working", it appeared to be frozen.
> The solution was to turn on the BusyCursor property in
> TIB_SessionProps. That at least gave an hourglass cursor to let the user
> know that it was in progress.
> I don't know if that's your problem or not, but that's what mine was.
> -Joe

In my case the application is really freezing. The cpu usage is about 100%
and suddenly falls to 0%. The problem seens to be memory consuption. I
chaged the TIBOQuery to a TIB_Cursor and the "freezing problem" changed of
always to sometimes.

Any ideas ?