Subject Re: [IBO] Streaming Fields['*']-VariantArray
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:30 PM 10-10-02 +0200, you wrote:
>I need content of TIB_DataSet.Fields['*'] longer than application run. How
>do I get access to row content of 'unknown' dataset in a generic way?
>BTW, TIB_DataSet.RowData will not help here cause it fails in case of blob

I'm not quite clear what you mean by "longer than application run". Do you
mean that you want to capture the content of a dataset and store it somehow
so that the same data can be "restored" next time the user runs the app?

Based on possibly wrong assumptions, then, have you thought about defining
a master-detail table structure with a unique, user-accessible identifier
(i.e. created by the user as an alternative key).

In the header table, have a varchar large enough to store the bookmarks as
a string (by reading the original set's KeyFields property), the SQL string
of the dataset and any USER and CURRENT_TIMESTAMP data that you need for
retrieval purposes.

In the detail set, with a FK to the real PK of the master, have one varchar
column that stores the column name and data in varchar column in the form
MyColumn=variantdata from the Fields[] array and one blob type 0 column to
store the data if the other column is MyColumn=<BLOB>.

When the user no longer needs the data, simply delete the structure by
reference to the user-defined unique key value.

Apologies if I misunderstood your requirements :)