Subject Detail Scroll Event Called Everytime
Author Eric Handbury

I feel I'm monopolizing this forum, but...

I have a Master-Detail relationship where its really a 1:1
relationship, whereby a field in the Master dataset determines what
Detail is to be displayed. So everytime the Master dataset is
scrolled, a different child dataset is opened/accessed along with the
major Master info.

I have found that once I open any Detail query, then as I scroll
through the Master, the Detail Scroll events for each open Detail get
fired, even though the Master contains no more references to that
Detail table.
i.e. if DetailXXX gets opened, then its Scroll events get fired
each time the Master is scrolled, even though DetailXXX has only 1
record. These Scroll Events will continue until the dataset is closed.
I would think that the DetailXXX Scroll events would only get fired
when its rows change due to a change in the Master and not fired as a
default on every Master scroll.