Subject [IBO] Re: GSG042. YES LIKE.
Author Marco Menardi
Welll, reading GSG, yes, TAILING property is regarding BLANKS... so I don't understant it's usage :(
With NO TAILING the SQL generated is "STARTING WITH", and this is the way I've used it, to avoid exact match.
But what about "blanks"? I've tryed to enter:
but with or without NO TAILING the SQL uses the field value as:
Is GSG wrong, or IBO? I think that BLANK has nothing to do with this property (in fact, in the Query editor, at the right of this property there is a label:
"automatically ignore tailing characters for search mode"
characters, not blanks
Helen? Geoff? Jason?

--- In IBObjects@y..., "Marco Menardi" <mmenaz@l...> wrote:
> --- In IBObjects@y..., Geoff Worboys <geoff@t...> wrote:
> > > Now I've tried YES CASE and YES TRAILING but they seem to have no
> > > effect... urgh... this must be investigated...
> >
> > YESCASE and YESTRAILING were introduced to allow special
> > contradiction of the TIB_Connection DefaultNoCase and
> > DefaultNoTrailing properties.
> >
> > That is...
> Fabolous, since I use DefaultNoTrailing properties of TIB_Connection true.
> It has been a misunderstanding... since I've never set this property, when I had a brief read about it today I've read "NO TAILING (BLANKS)", so I thought it was related to tailing blanks a user could enter at the end of the search string!
> No, it works as expected :))