Subject Re: [IBO] GSG033. KeyLinksAreDB_KEY
Author Jason Wharton
> Does setting KeyLinksAreDB_KEY property to True mean that the KeyLinks in
a TIB_Query may
> only be DB_KEY columns?
> The sentence:
> "If your query can potentially return duplicate rows, you will need to
include the
> internal DB_KEY column of one or both of the contributing table in your
KeyLinks and set
> the KeyLinksAreDB_KEY property true."
> indicates a contradiction in naming and purpose.

This sentence could have been written more clearly.

The KeyLinksAreDB_KEY property is a read-only property that you have no
control over. It is just an internal flag that gets set so that IBO knows
what behavior to expect from the KeyLinks. Among other things, it knows it
won't be able to provide values for these columns prior to doing a post.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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