Subject Re: [IBO] What events for exceptions
Author Jason Wharton
> In a previous answer to me Jason Wharton posted this:
> "
> ...
> I strongly discourage doing anything in the OnError event with SQL
> components.
> "
> What events would be the recommended to use and what is the reason that
> this event is not good to use. If it is not good to use why is it a
> published event?

The reason I discourage this is because the OnError event is being initiated
from a call to the API which means whatever component is involved is in a
state that the callstack is already wound up. If you make additional calls
to the the affected component, that is already experiencing an error state,
you will more than likely confuse things.

That is why I recommend that flags get set or custom exceptions be
substituted rather than do something directly.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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