Subject Re: Getting Started Guide
Author Marco Menardi
--- In IBObjects@y..., Raymond Kennington <raymondk@c...> wrote:
> I have just finished processing the GSG.
> It was worth the cost.
> 32 hours to process it, test ideas, type up questions, read extra information in the IB
> OBjects Help, run relevant demos, check relevant demo source, and type up questions,
> comments and suggestions.

Are your human, or a cyborg? ;))
You are missing one fabolous source of help: read the previous list posts! There is a "search" field in yahoo list. Doing so, you can find a lot of answers, like the one about IB_Cursor vs IB_Query.
Don't forget the Online Faq too on

> As a result, I have over 100 questions and some suggestions. As references are made to
> sections of the GSG, having it open is necessary for some questions and suggestions.

For GSG suggestions or "bug report", you can e-mail directly to Helen Borrie, the author of the guide.

> The answers to my questions and my suggestions could be used to enhance the guide and make
> it more useful.

Well, it's a Getting Starting Guide. Maybe there is a need of an Advanced Topic Guide. You know, a 200 pages, high detailed GSG would not be very useful... hope that guide will be write, we need it. I've collected tons of tips&tricks, and some "advanced answers", but there is a need of an english speaker "guru" for that.

Good luck :)
Marco Menardi