Subject Getting Started Guide
Author Raymond Kennington
I have just finished processing the GSG.

It was worth the cost.

32 hours to process it, test ideas, type up questions, read extra information in the IB
OBjects Help, run relevant demos, check relevant demo source, and type up questions,
comments and suggestions.

As a result, I have over 100 questions and some suggestions. As references are made to
sections of the GSG, having it open is necessary for some questions and suggestions.

The answers to my questions and my suggestions could be used to enhance the guide and make
it more useful.

My questions are numbered as GSG### for identification. In general, they also have a topic
and possibly a section within the topic.

Some questions, corrections and suggestions are grouped together in a single email, but to
group 140 items into one email would make it harder to keep track of each item and
comments on it, so they have been sent as small items.

Raymond Kennington
Programming Solutions
W2W Team B