Subject D6 pro and IBO 4.2 I compilation error
Author Marco Menardi
Hi, I've installed 4.2.I and tried to rebuild the packages:
open package: IBO40_D6.bpg
Build all projects
as I usually do (I don't use runtime packages for my programs), but I've got the following error:
[Fatal Error] IBO40WSRT_D6.dpk(36): Required package 'websnap' not found

and in IBO40WSRT_D6 'requires' lists some packages that I think are not included in the Pro version of delphi (dsnap, websnap...).
What could be wrong?
I've copied exploded 4.2.I in an empty directory (cleaned from the previouse IBO subrelease). Seems that IBO thinks that I've the Enterprise version of Delphi 6... HELP!
Marco Menardi