Subject Re: [IBO] Basic Example needed
Author Raymond Kennington
Lou Feliz wrote:
> Thanks,
> I saw those and they are of no help. I guess what I really want to
> know is what is best way to convert IBX TIBDataSEt to IBO? I would
> rather TIBOQuery. I guess I will just try it with simple app and
> post my results in File for comment until I get it right.
> I am pretty sure that this is a hand coded conversion (which is
> okay), I just was hoping that someone had already done it and could
> offer some pointers. I was another thread aboiut IBX to IBO and it
> does not exist.

From my experience of the past 5 days the most important things to do first are:

(a) purchase and read the IB Objects Getting Started Guide;
(b) examine, run and use all of the demos;
(c) build some test programs;
(d) examine the IB Objects Help file.

Raymond Kennington
Programming Solutions
W2W Team B