Subject SeekNearest wrong in IBLookupCombo
Author Ryan Nilsson-Harding
Hi there,

I have a slightly strange problem, and was wondering if it's a bug,
or something I'm doing wrong.

I have a IB_LookupCombo, linked to a Stock table. It displays part
I have SeekNearest = True, and it works fine for most part numbers,
except for a couple of numbers in which you can clearly see the
number selected, but when the control is tabbed out of, it brings up
another number.

For example;
A particular number is 7812. When I have entered 781, you can
clearly see 7812 selected, and if I tab out at this point 7812
remains, but if I type the whole number, ie 7812 (it is still
displayed) then I tab out, it changes to another part number, 78-482.

This only appears to be happening with this one number. I have tried
several others, and they are all fine.
Why would this be happening?