Subject Error installing on Delph 7: IB_Constants.pas not found.
Author jecereijo

I have just installed Delphi 7 Professional and try to install IBO 4

When I tried to build all, I obtained the error "IB_Constants.pas not
found" so I renamed IB_Constants-spa.pas to IB_Constants.pas and the
error disappeared, but only to change to "IB_Parse.pas not found". I
guessed that changing IB_Parse.INT to IB_Parse.pas I would fix the
problem. And it would, but only to change to "IB_Components.pas not

Nevertheless, that time the trick didn't work with IB_Components.INT.
It seems as if the file wasn't an incomplete file. It's clear that I
don't know what an .INT file is and that it must be other the way I
have to use.

Thank you in advance.

Enrique Cereijo