Subject Using with ClientDataset's
Author jensdein

I am trying to use ClientDataset's with TIBOQuery and is changing
then CDS.CommandText and opening the CDS. My original SQL looks like
this :

SELECT * RV_20021002_2MVSMB WHERE Filmkopiid = ?

when the provider is setting the CommandText and Params
and PSSetParams) IBO converts my SQL to this :

FROM RV_20021002_2MVSMB
WHERE Filmkopiid = ?

and this ain't working. I get an error message because of the comma
(,). I am not quite familiar with what IBO is actually trying to
acomplish here but it is definetly not working.

Anyone that has any ideas what is wrong or has any experince of
using IBO together with ClientDataset's?

Jens Dein
System Developer
Oslo, Norway