Subject Re: [IBO] Difference between using ib_query or ib_storedproc for a select procedure
Author Gerhardus Geldenhuis
Lucas Franzen wrote:
> Gerhardus Geldenhuis schrieb:
>>I just want to know is there any difference in terms of
>>speed/effectiveness/etc in using a ib_query to, with the following
>>select * from myproc(:var1,:var2) than using a ib_storedproc component
>>to do the selection.
> TIB_Query are for returning multiple rows, so your SP must contain
> SUSPEND to return multiple rows.
> IB_StoredProcs are for returning ONE row (a set of fields) and the SP
> shouldn't contain SUSPEND in that case.
> Luc.

Yes true, but as I understand you can use IB_storedproc to also return
multiple rows just like a normal dataset. So for me it is unclear which
one would be better to use.

I did include suspend in my storedproc.