Subject ISAPI fundamentals confusion
Author Paul Hope

We are creating a private ISAPI application that will support up to 10 users
around the world. The test works fine but is a bit slow and the code is
very confused.

I want to minimise the number of database connections as this seems to take
some time, also I need to read an ini file to determine the connection path
which adds to the connection overhead.

From what I can tell so far

Initialization / Finallization occur once when the dll is loaded / unloaded?
WebModule Create/Destroy occur once every time a user invokes a webaction

Because the user base is so limited I'm thinking of using only one
connection by doing the following

Have global variables ses:TIB_Session, con:TIB_Connection, etc
In initialization
set up the connection and connect.

in the webactions
if not(con.connected) then connect;// jic connection dropped
do stuff

In Finalization
Free stuff

Is this the way to do it, or could there be problems?