Subject Re: [IBO] New options for IBO.
Author Jason Wharton
> IB_TransUpdate: TIB_Transaction
> When this was informed, it would be used in the internal component
TIB_UpdateSQL, isolating the update transaction of the navigation
> This property together with CacheUpdates, it would solve several problems,
like Refesh in the tables, when executes a CommitRetaining.

I don't like this model. It is fraught with problems.

> TClientDataSet with DBExpress, they use this concept.

That surely doesn't make it right. This is a step back from what the BDE did
even. The BDE used to maintain two internal transactions and do goofy things
to try and make it work. Its a mess and a crock. There is a better way to do

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ