Subject New options for IBO.
Author Paulo Henrique Albanez
Jason, I would like to know if is possible includes these property in IBO.

type TUpdateMode = (upWhereAll, upWhereChanged, upWhereKeyOnly);

Value - Meaning
upWhereAll - All columns (fields) are used to locate the record.
upWhereChanged - Only key field values and the original value of fields that have changed are used to find the record.
upWhereKeyOnly - Only key fields are used to find the record.

To have a larger control, when IBO generates EditSQL.

It would like to use upWhereChanged mode, to avoid the use of the property PessimisticLocking, because this calls Before/After Updates Triggres.

IB_TransUpdate: TIB_Transaction

When this was informed, it would be used in the internal component TIB_UpdateSQL, isolating the update transaction of the navigation transaction.

This property together with CacheUpdates, it would solve several problems, like Refesh in the tables, when executes a CommitRetaining.

TClientDataSet with DBExpress, they use this concept.

Nova Odessa / SP - Brazil

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