Subject Re: [IBO] Join/InsertSQL & MasterSource/MasterLinks (Whew!)
Author TeamIBO
> So the question is...
> On a joined dataset, how are both datasets (AGENT/PERSON) put into
> insert mode when the user presses the insert button on the UpdateBar
> for AGENT?

You dont put any server table into "insert mode". That is purely a
client implementation feature - to make things a bit more obvious to
the end user. When you Post the data entered during insert you issue
an insert command to the server, either directly or using InsertSQL to
do things for you. Until you post the server knows nothing about it.

In IBO a typical joined dataset only permits insert/edit on one of the
datasets involved in the join. Using updateable views or special
InsertSQL, EditSQL is a way of allowing you to change that and alter
records on multiple tables from the join. The important factor
involved in this is to let IBO know what the key value of the
resulting joined record will be before the insert is posted, so that
it can refer to that record in subsequent operations.

I cant tell you how to do that without more information, such as what
the actual join sql is and what the keylinks are for that dataset. If
you provide details of the join SQL involved and the keylinks that you
use we may be able to help. We would also need to know how you are
defining all fields in the keylinks - which presumably means giving
details of the InsertSQL/stored-procedure that you are using.

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing