Subject Re: How to edit calculated field?
Author mircostange

I certainly didn't want to criticize you in a way that you feel you
didn't have the right to express your opinion. And I certainly
believe that your opinion is based on your broad experience. I
apologize if my statement can be misinterpretated in such a way.

My point was however, that provided I do have a *technical* question
and go as far as to bother other people with it, you can assume that
my problem is not general design of the user interface. For the
current project, specs have been written and approved months ago and
quite a lot of other people have participated in endless discussions.
I therefore need help to implement a certain functionality in a ways
it was planned and not to change the plan.

Again, I very much appreciate your posts with excellent comments
about how to do something with IBO, but I feel helpless if you point
to an alternative that didn't answer my question, but rather
recommends to do it entirely different.