Subject Re: [IBO] Memo Blob error
Author TeamIBO
> and when showing data from the NOTE field in TIB_Memo, something
> like "...BLR version xxx is not suported...", where xxx can be
> number from 50 to 100. When I check the stored data by means of some
> IB admin tool, the data are in then blob field stored correctly. The
> only problem is with displaying the data.

> Can anyone tell me, what is wrong?

What version of Interbase/Firebird was the database created with?
What version of Interbase/Firebird are you running now?
Are you using the same version client (GDS32.DLL) as the server?
Search your hard drive for multiple copies of GDS32.DLL and make sure
you are only using the copy relevant to your server. (Its ok to have
multiple versions as long as only one can be found by the

Only guessing really, but those are things that I would be looking at.

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing