Subject Re: [IBO] dynamic NOEDIT ?
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
At 06:29 PM 28-01-02 +0100, Oliver Wurdak wrote:
>Under some conditions the user may not be able to change some columns in my
>my solution so far is
>IB_DataSource.onDataChange(Sender: TIB_StatementLink; Statement:
>TIB_Statement; Field: TIB_Column);
>if field<>nil then
> if (field.FieldName='SomeColumn') then
> if CheckCondition then IB_Query.RevertRecord;
>But the perfect solution would be that the column is in NOEDIT mode under
>these condtions (the condition is dependend on some fieldvalues). Is there a
>better way to accomplish this? I think it isnĀ“t possible to change the
>IB_Query.FieldsReadOnly property to NOEDIT dynamically (this should be done
>after changing the row).

Have you tried? you should be able to change this attribute when the dataset is in browse mode. If you don't know the syntax, you'll find it in the Appendix of the GSG. If you don't have the GSG, download the TI-sheet, "Working with Datasets" - it's there too.

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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