Subject Re: [IBO] after the panic
Author Helen Borrie
It's good to know you survived! I was starting to wonder...

At 09:19 AM 28-01-02 -0800, Daniel Bertin wrote:

>I'm looking for any documentation on error capturing and recovering,
>exception handling. if anyone knows of good reading material on the subject?

Are you talking about exception handling in the database or in Delphi? The Delphi help has a lot of material about the Delphi side; the InterBase doc on the database side is practically non-existent but it's worth knowing what is there - see the LangRef.pdf.

I'm currently topping off a major TI-sheet on both aspects...should appear soon (this week, if I don't get any more hardware failures!)

>and I have a question, what is the difference/advantage between using
>generatorlinks in the IBODatabase or in the IBOTable property?

If you set them in the IBODatabase, they can be set globally, at table level. That means you won't have to worry about them in your datasets at all. Recommended if you use a lot of generators!

The syntax is


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