Subject Re: [IBO] FieldOptions
Author Sandeep
On 28 Jan 2002, at 16:39, TeamIBO wrote:

> > Is FieldOptions property fully functional ?
> You could have saved me a few minutes by mentioning where this
> property belonged. I probably could have guessed it must be the TIBO
> stuff because they are the ones that I dont use.
> AFAICT from the code these options should work. And while I am not
> familiar it appears that...
> foAutoAppendAllFields should result in all other fields not already
> defined using persisent should result appended to the list of fields
> when the dataset is opened.
> foDisplayFromIBO it appears will result in all field properties being
> result from the IBO internal dataset, and this includes any that were
> created as persistent. If this option is not enabled then it appears
> that persistent fields will retain their original/designtime settings.
That is if I have persistent fields then the query prepared will have
only those fields, right?



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