Subject Re: [IBO] FieldOptions
Author TeamIBO
> Is FieldOptions property fully functional ?

You could have saved me a few minutes by mentioning where this
property belonged. I probably could have guessed it must be the TIBO
stuff because they are the ones that I dont use.

AFAICT from the code these options should work. And while I am not
familiar it appears that...

foAutoAppendAllFields should result in all other fields not already
defined using persisent should result appended to the list of fields
when the dataset is opened.

foDisplayFromIBO it appears will result in all field properties being
result from the IBO internal dataset, and this includes any that were
created as persistent. If this option is not enabled then it appears
that persistent fields will retain their original/designtime settings.

What I have trouble determining is what happens if foDisplayFromIBO is
NOT enabled but foAutoAppendAllFiels is enabled. It appears that in
this instance the auto-added fields may not be fully initialised (with
properties such as alignment and display label etc).


Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing