Subject Re: [IBO] Problem with TIB_LookupCombo in TIB_Grid
Author TeamIBO
> However, if focus is set to the TIB_Grid column that is linked to
> the TIB_LookupCombo and the forms close icon is clicked, I get the
> error message "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window". This
> error occurs when the query is closed.

At the moment I am presuming this is a secondary form (not the main
form) of the application - because I tried it here on a mainform
and did not get any errors. I suggest changing the timing of your
code if possible.

If you are closing the query when the form is closed, perhaps you can
close the queries in the OnCloseQuery handler. Or simply ensure the
focus is moved away from the grid before closing.

If you cannot resolve the problem easily you will probably have to
setup a demo of the problem (preferably using the employee.gdb or one
of the databases that comes with IBO) and email to myself or Jason.

Although before you do, mentioning what version of IBO, Delphi etc
could be helpful - or at least eliminate some possibilities.

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing