Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_LookupCombo: Indicating search is fail in incremental searching m
Author TeamIBO
> Geoff, instead of a event OnNotInList, what about an event that
> fires every time a locate is tried, with a flag indicating if
> successful or not? This could be more effective and usefull, don't
> you think? I could have a IB_Text with additional lookup info on the
> right of the lookup contrl, changing it's color from normal to red
> depending from the locate successfulness...

Well I only actually use my on LookupEnh control, and it does not even
have an OnNotInList event! (Something that has been requested several
times, but its something that the Enh control would have great
trouble supporting). My lookups always select the nearest.

So no I dont think its useful, but obviously others disagree. I
understand the requirement for OnNotInList (even if I dont entirely
agree with it for my own purposes), however I do not understand the
requirements for indicating that a search has failed. If it fails
then when you hit enter or exit the control goes blank. (Even better,
just have it search for the nearest match :-)

Given that I obviously dont understand the importance or relevance
perhaps it would be better if someone that does attempted such a

> btw, have you added to IBO the code that permits to change color of
> the title of the grid column following the ordering item? I think
> it's a really nice addition

No. Sorry I have only limited time, the code I posted works and thats
good enough for me. If someone wants it embedded feel free :-)

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing