Subject Re: [IBO] Is it a IB or a IBO bug/problem?
Author TeamIBO
> if UpperCase( Trim(Copy(Default_Source, 1, 7 ))) = 'DEFAULT' then
> Will someone here send it as a known bug in IB and Firebird
> developers community? (I prefer Firebird first ;))

Helen mentioned to me that it may already have been detected by
Claudio, but even so a fix will be required to IBO (since Jason
prefers to maintain compatibility with current versions where

The most appropriate place to fix will be...

procedure TIB_Dataset.SysGetServerDefaults2(PreSetDefaults: boolean);
with IB_Connection.SchemaCache.DomainSourceCursor do
if not Prepared then Prepare;
Params[0].AsString := stLitCriteria( RelName );
Params[1].AsString := stLitCriteria( SQLName );
if not Eof then
Default_Source := Trim(Fields[ 0 ].AsString;) //<<<

You can see the addition of the Trim indicated above. This keeps it
consistent with the earlier code that DOES perform the trim when
retrieving field defined defaults.

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing