Subject Re: [IBO] DLL/BPL and app with lots of modules
Author Steve Fields
I guess I haven't got it all yet...
I have researched and found that if you use BPLs in your apps you need
to recompile
all of the related parts of an app to keep it working. With DLLs you
only have to watch
for changes in the calling params in the DLL routines. So, in my case,
the DLLs are
more desirable. But in trying this I still cannot get the AVs to go
away. I have tried each
of the ways mentioned above (Sessions in the DLL, etc.) but I have
noticed that the AV
only occurrs when I close the main app. Not when I close the DLL.
Am I still missing something? I set the create order where the session
is created first,
the query closes,and even set the link to the IB_Connection to null just
to get it out.
(Using TIB_Query, etc.) (Can't afford DreamCompany yet)

Steve Fields

Geoff Worboys wrote:

>Hi Steve,
>The problem I had with BPLs was the increase in memory useage. Every
>new runtime library you add increases the startup memory requirement -
>anywhere from 1 - 5 Mb per library depending on whats in them.
>Depending on the number of libraries and the sorts of platforms you
>want to run on this may or may not be a problem to you. (I was
>developing for a terminal server implementation and the per user
>memory consumption was a problem to me). However BPLs are certainly
>easier to setup and use with Delphi and BCB.
>There is nothing too much wrong with supplying queries etc in separate
>DLL/BPL modules, as long as they all refer back to a common
>connection/session - and this is pretty much automatic with BPLs.
>You may also like to investigate the idea of storing form definitions
>inside the database - to reduce the number of program modules
>required. This is really only practical for those forms where you
>expect the custom code to be minimal. I did this with the dream
>designer (see and it works very well.
>Geoff Worboys
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