Subject Re: [IBO] Information... please !!!
Author TeamIBO
> I already post to this list on Dec 11, 2001 with subject "Deleting
> master's first row in master/detail " and Dec 6, 2001 with subject
> "TIB_LookupCombo' s OnNotInList event " but there is no response
> satisfied me.

> Seems that nobody have the same problem.

> I will re-send to this list if you want.

I happen to be one of those compulsives that keeps my archives, so I
found the messages. Although it seems that you did not post the main
dataset SQL for the lookup problem.

Are talking about two separate problems, or are the issues related?

Anyway, since you have a demo of the problems, the simplest thing may
be for you to send the demo privately and I will take a look and see
if I can see what is happening. (geoff@...)

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing